Support Your Favorite Hero

Michaela Bowker

Michaela is a daycare teacher for essential workers' children. These teachers aren't mentioned when we talk about the Frontline Heroes, but the work they are doing enables our other frontline workers to do their jobs. This job puts them at a high risk, due to the nature of the work the parents of the children are doing. The children could very well carry the virus into the daycare. I feel like they need us to show them that we care and appreciate what they are doing as well! I am so proud of Michaela. She doesn't complain about having to be at work, or the risk she is taking. Her job isn't one of the best paying jobs, but she continues to go and take on that risk because she knows what it means for those who are doing bigger things in our community. She is my hero!

Lorrissa E Kinchen

The front-line worker I would like to nomiate is a nurse. Her name is Lorrissa Kinchen. She doesn't work in the emergency room, an intensive care or on a covid unit but that does not mean the her job is not just as scary or stressful. You see Lorrissa works for a practice that treats patients with very serious heart and lung conditions. Young or old patients with heart failiure, CPOD, lung cancer and other condiontion that needed regular treatment, testing or just having they're condions monitored means that when alot of offices closed to patient visits and went online they had to stay open. The only time they closed was for one week while the staff cleaned and disinfected the office and examination rooms themselves to make sure this was done right. Because of the lack of hospitals and doctors with certain specialties in our rural areas patiens sometimes have to travel by medical transport for hours to Atlanta to get treatment for these conditions. Medical transport is not always punctual and Lorrissa often stays two hours or longer after work with her patients until they are picked up. She and her co-workers went without much PPE in February one mask for every two weeks. Thankfully one of their patients donate some mask for them. It was very stressful for them. However, it was especilly stressful for Lorrisa she has take her family in to her home. She has two sisters who are immuno comprimsed. One of her sisters has a congenital blood disorder and the other diabetes. Last year she bought a home so she could help her sister with diabetes because she also has Traumatic Brain Injury from a car accident. Lorrissa is now helpimg her raise her autistc son. As I hope you can imagine how hard this epedimic has been on everyone. Health care workers have to worry twice as much about not only infecting themselves but there families. Lorrissa has this stress three fold. She has her familiy social distaning in the house staying their rooms or when necessary 6ft apart and eating in shifts. She worries everyday that she may bring some thing home to her family. But,she never misses a day of work. She doesn't complain she is a trooper and my hero.

Pamela Ballard

My grandmother is working a full time job at a grocery store and providing for not only herself, my grandfather, and my mother and I. She wakes up every morning at 4AM to work almost 12 hours while taking care of my grandfather who is home bound, and unable to work because of lung cancer. Not only does she work to take care of him, she does work around the house, and still tries to support my mother and I any way she can by helping us occasionally with groceries, and helping money wise when she can although she is helping to pay for my grandfather's cancer treatment.

Ronald Desvarieux

A father. Husband. Friend. Just started working at the VA as a pharmacist. His wife lost her job due to the pandemic and he's been doing everything to support them and their 5 year old son and 17 month old daughter. He is there for them at every turn no matter what. Seeing his dedication to his family is inspiring as a friend. In the mean time he's been an incredible and supportive friend, and is never too busy to share a positive word or just check in. 31 years of friendship I couldn't think of anyone more deserving.

Carletta Washington

Carletta is a true inspiration and gives back a lot to her community. She works both as an urgent care nurse ensuring all of her patients feel welcomed and cared for and then part time as a grocery store clerk making sure everyone has supplies that they need to survive during quarantine. In the most stressful time for all of us, especially essential workers, Carletta takes care and touches everyone she encounters with a smile on her face no matter how emotionally and physically drained. She is the epitome of a hero.

Rebecca Lynn Bryant

Becca works for Target and she busts her butt everyday giving her all. Becca was supposed to get married April 18th but had to postpone her special day because of covid. On April 4th her father went to the hospital with pneumonia, he never came home, he passed away 2 weeks later. Through all this sadness and heartbreak she goes to work with a smile on her face loving her job and community . Rebecca is a special young lady who has shown a maturity beyond her 21 years.

Harold Scott

Kim Marie Foronjy

My niece an RN at St. Fransis hospital working 24/7 to save patients from this horrible virus. Some of her patients being, her own Mother, Great Uncle and Aunt. She is truly an angel and strong. She lost her father when she was 9 yrs old to cancer and is dedicated to helping others.

Joseph Compitello

I'm writing to nominate my husband Joseph Compitello as a healthcare hero, a physician assistant in the emergency room at Staten Island University Hospital in Staten Island, NY. In the midst of this pandemic, our first baby was due to be born. As nervous and fearful as we both were for ourselves, our families, and especially our unborn baby, Joe went to work 12+ hr shifts in the emergency room treating patients with covid-19 and ultimately doing whatever he could to save lives. Joe is the kind of guy who always puts the people he loves before himself, but in the midst of this nightmare he truly put EVERYONE before himself and did the job he was called to do. Unfortunately, a few days before our daughter was born, Joe tested positive for covid-19. This meant that he couldn't be there to witness her being born as well as the first days of her life. Joe is truly one of the most selfless people and ended up having to make a huge personal sacrifice due to his duty and willingness to help his community during these scary times. He has since recovered and home with us!

Cassandra Korinek

Cass is a frontline social worker in a nursing home in Chicago. She and her colleagues are working selflessly aound the clock to make sure that their residents are taken care of and are the last ones to hold a dying covid patients hand so that they don't die alone. I know what a toll it is taking on her both mentally and physically. She is also a covid survivor. She has missed her graduate school graduation and quite possibly her September wedding. These things I know because she is going to be marrying my son!

Ashley Blair

I am nominating Ashley Blair. When we think of front line pandemic workers, we forget about mental health. Ashley is a crisis counselor in Nashville, TN. She is working tirelessly to save people's lives. PPE equipment is scarce and she knows the risk of coming into contact with every client, She picks up shifts when the agency falls short of workers because she is focused on saving lives one person at a time.

Lynn Nord

I am nominating my husband, Lynn Nord who is the head custodian at Central Campus, Minot High School, Minot, ND. He has worked long hard hours to make sure the school gets cleaned and ready for the return of about 1,0000 students. He has continued to work throughout COVID-19. He is an essential worker! I proudly nominate him! Thank you Pepsi!!

Elizabeth Hood

I'm nominating my wife Betsy Hood as she runs her own small daycare center and has tirelessly and selflessly continued to take care of up to 10 kids of essential workers so that they can do their heroic jobs. Someday her day starts at 6:15 AM and doesn't stop until 7:30/8 pm. And has also forgone here's days off to make sure the parents are able to honor their commitments. She is my hero, best friend, and soulmate.

Tim Lomelino

My good friend Tim Lomelino has had a rough life, and at every turn where he could of went south, he rose to the occasion and made himself better and the people around him better. He ended up having to drop out of college to take care of his sick grandma, and was never able to finish school which he hopes to do someday. He currently works overnights for UPS while taking online classes during the day, ALL WHILE still finding time to donate blood and volunteering at his local church. I am so amazed by his determination and his continued ability to always find the silver lining in tough situations. When his bosses at UPS asked who would volunteer to work overtime to keep up with the demand brought on by COVID, guess who had his hand raised first. Tim deserves this more than anyone, to finally have life give him a break. People like him need it the most!!!

Margarita Conaway

I am nominating Margarita because she is AN AMAZING nurse! She is an RN in the ICU at Southampton Memorial Hospital. She has worked long hours to care for patients during this Pandemic. Not only during the Pandemic but always. She cares for her patients as though they where her own family. How do I know? I was once one of her patients for 9 days and she took OUTSTANDING care of me! She is simply AMAZING

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